Rhythm in Ronda: the land, the wine

-Antonio Lizana Grupo, Gabacho Maroconnection Dj Jazoo-

Over the last century, jazz and flamenco have become universal languages. Their association is a synthesis of European and African outlooks in a language evolving from and feeding off tradition and an “improvised” dialogue with other genres and cultures, such as the Afro-Latin.

​On the last weekend of July we once again have a date with music from Ronda and with the region’s finest wines. The Bodega Descalzos Viejos, an unrivalled setting at the foot of the town, will be the rendez-vous for two enthralling trips through ethnic rhythms as they come into contact with flamenco. Presenting his new album, Quimeras del Mar, thesaxophonist and cantaor Antonio Lizana, named Best New Artist in the 2014 Jazzeñe awards and Grammy-winner in the same year for his contribution to Arturo O’Farrill’s Best Latin Jazz album, is representative of a new line born from flamenco-influenced jazz in the Bay of Cádiz, birthplace of Camarón de la Isla. Next on the stage after Lizana will be supergroup Gabacho Maroconnection, inviting the listener to dance to a novel formula encompassing gnawa ritual and global jazz. The group is touring this year with its first album, Bissara, in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

This fiesta of rhythm can be enjoyed along with an accompanying glass of wine at the various bars and dedicated spaces of the bodega, where various types of cuisine will also be on offer. To enhance the evening’s entertainment, Dj Jazoo will be at hand with his cosmopolitan bag of tricks. Modernity, tradition and crossover will inspire those attending to dance in the moonlight among the vineyards, with Ronda looking down on them.

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Quimeras del Mar

Antonio Lizana (alto sax and vocals), Adriano Lozano (flamenco guitar), Marcos Salcines (piano and keyboards), Tanasu Santana (electric bass), Vincent Thomas (drums), Epi Pacheco (percussion), Jose Mawi “de Cái” (dance and vocals)

Cádiz saxophonist and cantaor Antonio Lizana, named best new artist in the 2014 Jazzeñe competition and Grammy-winner in the same year for his contribution to Arturo O’Farrill’s Best Latin Jazz album, is representative of a new line born from both jazz and flamenco.The group accompanying Lizana in the presentation of his new album,Quimeras del Mar, has a long and fruitful career behind it, having appeared on stage in major venues all over with the artist’s previous album, De Viento. Rather than a concert, their live show is a vibrant performance in which song, dance and improvisation have an equal place in a framework of collective expression and intensity.

Quimeras del mar contains a mysterious message, revealed through the senses, like waves bringing music from across the seas, and through sound, the connection between defined flamenco styles and the region. As was the case with Chano Domínguez in last year’s event, it is now a musician of another generation who is building bridges between Cádiz and New York in this flamenco / jazz fiesta.


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Hamid Moumen (voz, guembri), Jawad Jadli (percusión, canto), Fred Faure (percusión, n’goni), Charley Rose (saxo alto), Antonio Lizana (saxo tenor, voz), Willy Muñoz(teclados), Eric Oxandaburru (bajo), Vincent Thomas (batería)

The franco-Spanish-Moroccan group, Maroconnection, one of the most active and successful projects in the European market, has managed to create in less than two years its own audience and recieve rave reviews for its first album Bissara. Catchy melodies, Gnawa rhythms, Afro-Maghrebian percussion, ngoni, chants and choreography, driven by infallible and colorful arrangements, make it possible to create music that avoids the clichés of jazz fusion and sends a message of collective enjoyment. They are the group -8 musicians- of the moment, and that’s why in 2015 the band will tour Spain again, traveling through Morocco, France and other European countries and will later jump to South America and Asia.

From Paris to Marrakesch, a refreshing journey towards the South, where moroccan gnawa culture joins to flamenco.

http://www.gabachomaroc.com/en/ (english version)

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Dj Jazoo explores a wide range of esthetic and cronologic possibilities. Quality of music and an integral and open sense of improvisation are principal values of his sessions. Brazilian, afrocuban, caribbean, african, central-european and mediterranian musics, mostly the styles tha provided by blues and jazz, all together like in a bag trip, be part of his distinctly compelling work.