Three of the most outstanding musicians of a generation like no other in Spanish jazz join in a daring and original proposal


Fotos ©Martí Artalejo | Jazz Festival L’Estartit 2017 l Jose´Luis Luna Rocafort Jazz Eivissa 2017 l Juan Jesús Garcia Jazz Granada 2017


Marco Mezquida piano, Ernesto Aurignac alto saxophone, Ramon Prats drums

MAP sends us to an imaginary place and time. It is a regenerative synthesis of musics and styles: popular, academic and free. The convergence of the musicality of Mezquida, the passion and intensity of Aurignac and the structured fantasy of Prats. One of the most highly acclaimed projects from the very outset, the group presents its debut album in a powerful and always surprising live act, regarded as the best of 2015, the year in which it was formed

“MAP, the bottomless magician’s hat”

Concert review 39th Voll-Damm Festival of Barcelona

The sound, extraordinarily clean for a group with such punch, seemed to come from all sides, and the sensation of a sonic avalanche was even stronger as they linked together one piece after the other from their album.

The MAP Trio pulls everything out of its hat: hypnotic passages, torrential surges, a lyricism which at times verges on the sentimental, a bit of groove, rhythmic puzzles and a tapestry of oriental colours. And they play it all with a rare force, but without making it sound like a music competition

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Media reactions

El Mundo

The way they play is a discharge of pure jazz energy released with boldness, spirituality and never seen intensity in Spanish jazz for years. Their sound and live performance were the best news of the year, not only in spanish jazz but also for the outside, because their own thing is cosmic music”

El Club de Jazz

“Their live act is freed from the chains of the studio to dive into different territories with abrasive density and intensity. Music that is unshackled but at the same time of demanding virtuosity, in a perfect balance of exploration and reproduction that at times verges on the impossible. And en route they draw a map of striking contrasts and great beauty”

Diario de Navarra

“The two performances that make up their show were two concerts in themselves, each different from the other and both excellent. The three musicians displayed a prodigious musical imagination which enabled them to develop pieces and mutate them into others with astonishing naturalness”.


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