Músicas de Chicago traídas por el sello International Anthem. Singular sonido avanzado entre canción artesanal y sofisticación electrónica, jazz psicodélico, folk orbital y rock mestizo. En esta sesión podéis escuchar destacados artistas del sello en algunos de sus más recientes trabajos como Ben Lamar Gay, Makaya Mc Craven o Rob Mazurek, entre otros. Impresionante pequeño catálogo que ilustra la música de este momento.

The very last of the year and the first one of 2019, this noiself radio session is dedicated to the Chicago based record label International Anthem. The genre-defying variety in its catalogue is astonishing, as is the quality of the song craft-sophisticated jazz and new folk approach with electronic soundscapes and urban poetry. On this track you can listen to some of the most representative artists and albums of the Chicago actual avant-garde scene. An impressive-short catalogue of the music of the century.


Benjamin Lamar Gay “Dowtown Castels can never block the sun”-2018


2-Gator teeth

3-Mehlor que tem

4-Music for 18 hairdressers

Makaya McCraven “Universal Beings”-2018

5-A queen`s intro

6-Brighter`s day beguinning

7-Prosperity`s fear

Jaimie Branch “Fly or die”-2017

8-Leaves of glass

9-Theme 002

Rob Jacobs/ “Rob Jacobs”-2015

10-Golden Flower

11-Unknown hand

Ahleuchatistas “Arrebato”-2015

12-Power with

13-Rincon Pio Sound

Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly “Alien flower sutra”- 2016

14-Android lover

15-Embryo genesis